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no e-ticketing

No worry , since the busway still there and serving us properly

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keluar dari kardus, sampe skg blm di cuci

Mobil pengangkut crew salah satu TV swasta di Indonesia, ibarat nasib perfilman yg sama2 kotor dan jorok , engga pernah dicuci sama sekali

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How Zynga went from social gaming powerhouse to has-been | Ars Technica

Never try they product, but it is become a good example for a company that has no inovation approach  on their business model

it wasn’t cool anymore


Smooking is source of diseases,  give it up.

Menuju jakarta yg tertib

Lampu sudah hijau tapi blm bisa bergerak maju. Jadi trotoar dihajar


night busway

The night is still young, but in this public transport , has no passenger but me

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