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Kodak announces ICO, stock jumps 44% | TechCrunch

Kodak is today announcing a partnership with Wenn Digital to create a “photo-centric cryptocurrency” that will “empower photographers and agencies to take greater control in image rights management.” Because why not. It’s 2018.

small company with alot of rules

Transforming for small to medium even to big company is not through a lot of rules or standard operation to implement with, but genereting more business process that can produce much revenue and follow with SOP to improve the process

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Most productive days

Today is my most productive day in this year , dont known why,maybe new business is starting gain my personal income 20101006_144416.jpg

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way of working

i am a service and maintenance manager in an system integrator company, the specialization on my expertise is IT infrastructure, my work involves a lot of human contact and teamwork with other manager. Since

My Education background is civil engineering and i graduate from ITB on 1998 almost 6 year study on Bandung, and i get master degree at University of Indonesia majoring Information Technology Management

ITIL service catalog

My relatives

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