NASA is developing AI to give directions in space
There’s no GPS in outer space. If people get lost on the Moon, or on the way to Mars they’re pretty much screwed. NASA and Intelwant to keep that from happening, so they’ve turned to AI for solutions.


What is machine learning? Everything you need to know | ZDNet

Parents Who Are Addicted to Their Cell Phones Affect Their Children’s Development – According to Scientists

Technology is everywhere and is here to stay. We have it in our homes, offices, schools, and always easily accessible in the palm of our hand thanks to smartphone technology. While there are thousands of positive changes technology has made and continues to make in our daily lives, it’s no secret that it also comes with its cons.

Google’s AutoML will change how businesses use Machine Learning

Google’s AutoML is a new up-and-coming (alpha stage) cloud software suite of Machine Learning tools. It’s based on Google’s…

Source: Google’s AutoML will change how businesses use Machine Learning

Human creativity will always be valuable.

Kids Are Master Manipulators. So Use Game Theory Against Them | WIRED

KIDS ARE MASTER manipulators. They play up their charms, pit adults against one another, and engage in loud, public wailing. So it’s your job to keep up with them, Carnegie Mellon’s Kevin Zollman says. His new book, The Game Theorist’s Guide to Parenting—written with journalist Paul Raeburn—explains how.